Copy of Ride Hard


He's an ex-con, she's the sweet virgin he can never have...

Ride Hard

When disgraced Bull Rider Ty Sloane agreed to take a job as foreman at Falcon Ridge Ranch, he didn’t count on having to share his job or his cabin with twenty-one year-old rising Barrel Racing star, Maybelle Johnson. She tests his patience by day and drives him to distraction by night, buhe is too young and innocent for the likes of an ex-con like him.

As far as Maybelle is concerned, Ty Sloane can go jump in a lake. The cocky arrogant bull rider is a thorn in her side, both at the ranch, and on the road. But he makes her feel things no man has ever made her feel, and she can’t help but develop a soft spot for him when she learns about his past.

When trouble finds Maybelle on the rodeo circuit, Ty puts it all on the line for the sweet young woman who’s captured his heart, even though it may cost him everything... including his freedom.