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You know why banned books are always best-sellers? Because everyone wants what they can’t have. Macey McCaslin is off-limits. So far off-limits my brother Jason, might kill me if he found out about us. He thinks I’m nothing more than a skirt-chasing manwhore not worthy to lick the dirt off her sexy little feet. And I’m definitely that, but ask me if I care? Because Macey’s pussy is so sweet, I’m not staying away.


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Banished. Banished for being too good with the ladies, and now I’m stuck East of Nowhere doing my brother’s bidding as penance. But the luscious Emmaline Andersson might just be the silver lining in this nightmare. Who knew that a sweet mouth could be so wicked?

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They say an eye for an eye, and God knows I deserve every punishment for the things I’ve done. But when Alison comes sweeping into my life like an angel of death, begging for mercy is the last thing on my mind.