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Will a shared passion be enough to help these polar opposites find true love?

When Army Ranger Jason Case accepts an invitation from his closest friend to join Resolution Ranch, the last thing he expected was to be a hero to Prairie’s resident hippie, Millie Prescott. He’s no hero, and he wants to be left alone.

Millie knows she and Jason have a cosmic connection – he saved her from certain death. There’s only one problem

  • He loves bacon – She loves tofu

  • He's a hardened warrior - She's a peacemaker

  • He's the man of her dreams - She's a thorn in his side

Neither Jason or Millie could have predicted the blistering heat that erupts between them, and in a moment of lust-fueled insanity, the grouchy vet agrees to help Miss Sunshine save her struggling vineyard and put Prairie on the map for heirloom wine.