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November 2016 / 2 posts found

Prairie Heat Available For Pre-Order Exclusively at iBooks

by Tessa
Well it’s here! Prairie Heat is officially available for pre-order at iBooks! Yay! If you order now, you can get it at a special discounted rate of $3.99. All you need to do is click the iBooks icon below. If you’d like to receive a complimentary ARC copy, I am giving away a limited number of ARC’s (Advanced reader copies) to individuals who are willing to leave a review. Please remember, Prairie Heat is my debut novel. As a new author, the only way people know I’m here is through reviews and word of mouth. Please do not accept a […]

Join my Reader Group- The Prairie Posse!

by Tessa
Are you on Facebook? If so- be sure to join my reader group, The Prairie Posse. Named after a group of fun-loving ladies from Prairie Heat, The Prairie Posse is where we discuss all things Prairie, and Cowboy. It’s also where my preview readers hang out. If you LOVE to read and you LOVE to write reviews of what you’ve read- be sure to join our Facebook group so that you can get your next Cowboys of the Flint Hills book on me! Here’s the link to join:   http://bit.ly/2eeq4HP